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Now hiring - Drupal developer


London Design Works are looking for an experienced Drupal developer to join our team.

We are a Drupal design and development agency based in Clerkenwell, East London. We develop a wide range of Drupal sites with our in-house designers as well as working with large specialist design agencies across the city.

This role is ideally suited to someone that leans towards server-side development who is very comfortable creating Drupal modules, understanding where to implement hooks or preprocess functions as well as a good grasp of linking with other systems using methods such as JSON and various API's etc.

As well as server-side coding daily tasks will include front end theming, module setup, and Drupal site configuration.

We work with a variety of clients, building straight-forward information based sites for SME's through to large data management sites for bigger organisations. There are also ongoing internal projects where new ideas and fresh thinking will be very welcome.

This is an in-house position at our Clerkenwell offices in London. If you are passionate about good sites built properly, then give us a call.

Essential Skills:

  • 2yrs + Drupal Experience with very good knowledge of PHP
  • Good understanding of Drupal's database abstraction system
  • Sound knowledge of HTML / CSS
  • A good team worker
  • Experience working with 3rd party APIs
  • Excellent knowledge of standards compliant coding

Desirable Skills:

  • HTML5 / JQuery skills
  • Other programming experience
  • A love of good coffee, the ability to mix a killer Mojito, the willingness to learn new things and make fun out of WordPress developers!


  • 25 days paid holiday per year + public holidays
  • Part of a growing company with real say on development practices
  • Salary to be negotiated depending on experience.


Contact us now for more information! (unless you are a recruitment agency, in which case, please don't)

Vince Rowe

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Have been joyfully building sites for nearly 20 years, that should make me feel old, but I choose to say - wise. Things have moved on a lot since those early sites, they have moved on a lot since we started the agency, and they have probably moved on since I wrote this sentence. Its the world we're in, and its fantastic.

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Now hiring - Drupal developer

Skills needed: A love of good coffee, the ability to mix a killer Mojito, the willingness to learn new things and make fun out of WordPress developers!