Drupal support and hosting services

Drupal support and hosting services

Keeping everything updated, available and secure, from server to site.

Fully managed Drupal support by Drupal specialists

Once your site is setup we manage all code updates for you, security patches, contributed modules anything and everything needed. 

Our team have been working exclusively on Drupal for over 13 years, since our foundation, so we have the expertise needed.

From the start it’s a total team effort

Unlimited support hours

Like most agencies we used to offer a set number of hours a month, and while we are still there for new feature requests and additions, we have moved to "if its broken, we fix it". No matter the cause.

If a site admin has delved a little to deep, or a security update has caused a conflict, raise the issue and it will be worked on within 24 hours. Urgent items will be actioned within 30 minutes.

Our experience and knowledge of Drupal, as well as thousands of monthly support billings to review, allow us to safely move to this model.

Startups really get our pulses racing

Free Drupal 10 upgrade included

With our support package we offer any site that's currently on Drupal 9 a free upgrade to Drupal 10.

If you are on a previous version we can quote for the upgrade to 9, then push to 10 for free once complete.

- We ask for a years support contract, rather than our 3 month option to be eligible for the free upgrade work.


We design from scratch. (Sorry, Blue Peter.)

Fully managed support and hosting

Unlimited hours Drupal site support £1,200 a month

Supported by Drupal specialists

We only work with Drupal, that brings a lot of knowledge to the table.

Unlimited support hours

No more "out of budget" or "add on to next months items" to deal with, if it needs work, it gets work.

Free Drupal 10 upgrade

Major version upgrades shouldn't be something that's worried about, or now even budgeted.

Urgent issues reviewed within 30 minutes

If something major has happened, we get people on it to get it resolved.

Continuous development

We will shortly know your site inside and out, we are here to help you with new features or updates as you need.

Free onboarding

Onboarding means getting everything up and running so we can support you, and we don't charge for that.

Managed AWS hosting from £450 a month

Fully managed hosting

We manage everything for you, server updates, security patches, monitoring, we have it covered.

Optimised for Drupal

Drupal is everything we do so it makes sense we optimise for Drupal sites from the hosting infrastructure and up.

Migration and on-boarding

We fully manage this for you and there are no costs associated with getting you up and running from your old host.

Staging and production

We make sure you have full access to your test and dev site, a great platform for content editors to try things out.

Database backups

Your database is backed up nightly and can be rolled back if needed at request.

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