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Using engaging details to engage your customers

engage your audience

Take a look at your service or product detail page. It hopefully has more than one of the following things: Title, (zoomable) representative image(s), some description, maybe even technical data table along with some related items, am I correct?

If it has all this, that’s great! ( If it doesn’t, then we seriously need to talk, call us. Now. )

If it has more, that’s super! Perhaps you are offering multiple variants, user reviews and definitely social sharing.

In any case, you have a concept, a business, to get your product or service out to the people! You no doubt know all about your trade and are capable of offering even more. So don’t hold back, you want people to want you.

Here are my tips:

1. Give them everything! But not too much.

One of the main reasons people navigate the internet is in search of information. This is great, because you have some. Right? But before spilling your beans to the world, consider the following:

a) Don’t drown your users with information.

Yes, your customers should find as much information as possible, but ah how the attention span is s.. what was I saying?

Keep your answers short and precise. Make a path of knowledge with informational breadcrumbs: articles, facts, hints and tips.

b) Offer more, for those who want it.

A simple link to a blog post that gives an in-depth answer, e-books, webinars, or anything that could be available for registered users exclusively. Just don’t block the users way. Make them engage with you gradually. ‘There’s important information here! Get a free month of access!’

2. Address the problem.

“If I order the wrong size, how can I change it? Does flying feel like swimming? Exactly how do you assemble this? Does it come in orange? What about the environment?” We all demand answers!

Even better if you can foresee a few of your users needs. Get to know them! Answer the most ‘frequently asked’ real questions. You can do this with a few lines of text or even better videos, little how-to sections, podcasts and so on.

And always let users know there’s a way to reach you, ask for their opinion, thank them for contacting you and get back to any comment or question you might get as soon as possible. Nothing is more nerve-wracking and bound to cause an outrage than having to wait for an answer.

3. Let them personalize it.

Offer a custom made / built service and let them know how easy it is!

Show some examples to get the your customers’ creative juices flowing.

Get a quote for a product customizer built for your site. It’s a great visual way to impress and convince your customers by instantly showing the results.

4. Make it so real they can (almost) touch it.

Give your users the full view of your offerings with 360° (or even 3D, with virtual reality coming right up) images, so they can spin products and see them from every angle. This is a highly engaging way to let your your users get familiar with your product.

If for some reason this isn’t an option, simply offer more pictures in high quality.

5. If they care, they’ll share! Only they don’t..?

Let people share your pages or actually urge them to. Make it easy on them.

A lot of times people only open their mouths to complain, so while they might be happy about their purchase and even tell their friends how pleased they are, there might not be a single mention about it on your site or your social channels, the places where you need them to be.. Give something in exchange for feedback, if necessary.

Consider gathering your clients pictures by asking them use a custom hashtag and feature the images on your site and social media.

Summary, summarium..

If your interactions are lacking, try giving your clients a little push to the right direction, and come up with a way to engage and reward them, there are an infinity of choices. And if you need a push too, just message us, we’ll surely be in touch!

Susanne Helle

Web Designer/Front End Developer,
London Design works.

I have quite typical scandinavian way of doing things with the emphasis always on simplification and functionalism. I also love getting bewitched by drawings of food, quirkiness and witty people.

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Using engaging details to engage your customers

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