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Here you will find some of our key services and technical offerings explained in a bit more detail. If you ever wanted to know "this or that" about a certain part of our offerings, then this is the page for you!


We provide maintenance and support for our customers so that they can have piece of mind knowing their site is in safe hands. It's not always needed but when support is required we do our best to offer an array of solutions.




90 day guarantee

We provide a 90-day guarantee for the work we have completed on the site. If you find any issues at all within that time then notify us and we will review and resolve any issues as a matter of priority. Any items found or questioned after that time can be reviewed and resolved as part of an optional on-going maintenance contract.

24hr query response

We aim to respond to all support queries within 24hrs. Knowing that you have a team resolving any issues you have quickly and efficiently are qualities we pride ourself on to ensure great customer satisfaction.

6hrs a month rolling contract

Our standard rolling contract is normally for six hours a month, this is six hours of studio time to apply updates to the site. Each month we will review the updates available and confirm with the client when the site should be put into "maintenance mode" and have the updates applied. Please not that if the hosting system is setup with development and staging environments, which we highly recommend on all projects, then we are able to switch between updates instantly without any downtime or requiring "maintenance mode".

Core security updates

These relate to the core security of the system and are normally released in response to a vulnerability being discovered in the existing code base. This does not automatically mean your site is at risk, as the vulnerability may only be applicable in certain setups. Even though, we recommend these are run within a few days of release.

Module security updates

As with core security updates these are released to fix possible security vulnerabilities, in an ideal setup these would be applied to the site within a few days. But depending on the amount of modules the site runs, this could mean running updates every few days. What we generally recommend with these, is to update them all at the same time as core security updates are required. Or towards the end of the month, if no core update was released.

Module new releases

Modules get new releases quite frequently, these are not security related and simply add or fine-tune the current features that it provides on the site. We recommend running these updates alongside any required security updates.

Monthly rollover support

It maybe that the site does not have any updates that need applying in a certain month. In this case the hours are still yours to use as you wish. As the hours are nominal it is recommended that they are left to rollover to the next month, so you have more to use in the following months updates.

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