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Drupal loves forms and it comes packed with the tools to make them. It creates the database and scripts to power them from within your sites CMS so you can concentrate on the results obtained. Never again will you need to rely on third party software to power your forms or worry about hosting them on different sites as it's all within your grasp. 





Adding form items

Adding form items is easy and familiar and no more fiddly than writing content. Simply add, name and define its role type.

Field options

Each form field has options to define it purpose. If you need it to be a checkbox, drop down, text field, radio button just choose it's role type or if you need it to be a required field just check the option. 

Form arrangement

Once you have the form ready you can click and drag to arrange the order. At no point are you locked into conforming to your forms order as this option is all ways available to you.

Confirmation messages

Writing a confirmation message to your User once they have completed your form has become good practice to confirm to them they have been successful. With Drupal you can go further, it allows you use the WYSIWYG editor to create a totally bespoke page.

Form settings

Your form comes packed with options. Each form you set up has options that can work independently of each other for complete control.


Stay in touch with how your form is doing with alert messages.


When your ready check the results from your form and view the information collected.

Form data

Drupal stores your forms data and allows you to export it to view offline.

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