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"Intelligent Health is a Health IT Company. We use behaviour change expertise and technology to create walking and other activity schemes to help large numbers of people get moving again."

Beat the Street

Beat the Street is an activity tracking and competition site for school children, run by the team at Intelligent Health. We have been working with Intelligent Health over the past few years on a multitude of activity data projects, all based on the Drupal content management system.

Data, data and more data.

Intelligent Health knew their new project was going to need to deal with a lot of data, the Beat the Street project collects school children's walking activity from NFC membership cards from participating schools and boroughs.

We used Drupal as the core system which collects, analyses and distributes the data points to the relevant students. This is regularly tens of thousands of new data streams every day from a single borough. 

This is then presented in a clear, easy to understand and engaging leader board and student activity dashboard.

"Ah IH, get the coffee! - All Intelligent Health projects are always engaging, fun to work on, and very, very, technically complex. The pots always on when these guys are in the studio that's for sure!" - Vince Rowe, London Design Works.

Always evolving

New site, same system.

Due to the very nature of the project, it's built on a flexible system that when they launch new projects and new sites, it's just an extension of the single Drupal CMS installation. This means it's easy to manage, maintain and keeps staff training times to a minimum.

With multiple user roles and different levels of access rights, it allows everyone to update their corner of the pie without worrying anyone else, while knowing the system is keeping an eye where needed to keep things in check. This allows the IT department to look after the big picture instead of those tiny ones.


"Intelligent Health is using London Design Works to create our Data Processing and Content Management System, including various websites. We have been truly impressed with their commitment and dedication, and find them flexible and very easy to work with. We look forward to future projects with them." - Dave Amin, Intelligent Health.

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